Masks are one of the most effective ways to protect our bodies from airborne microbes. Covering the nose and mouth, they block germs from entering our bodies. They are also the best way for us to protect those around us, as they prevent, when coughing and sneezing, from carrying germs into the air.

IIR-type unsterilized medical masks – designed in accordance with European EN 14683 standards. Made of light, breathable material, resistant to dust and friendly to the skin, they have a special shapeable wire that conforms to your nose, and they are blue outside and white inside, with cords. Their enhanced weave – with three layers of protection – blocks viral airborne particles, bacteria, non-oily particles, rain, respiratory microbes, blood, liquid and dust carried through the air, ensures that non-oily particles are filtered at a rate of over 98%, and is splash resistant, blocking transmission of liquids (blood, saliva).