Hand Sanitizing

Our hands touch many different things during a day: from simple objects to surfaces and our faces. Therefore, they are one of the biggest carriers of germs. When we touch our eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, we give germs a path into our bodies, and this is dangerous to our health. Livo is an excellent antiseptic that is clinically tested, skin-friendly and helps us combat germs in our daily lives. Its composition and the design of its modern formula allow for frequent use. Livo – our daily ally against germs.

Livo is an unbeatable hand antiseptic, in liquid form, with excellent antimicrobial effectiveness and proven performance in keeping skin healthy.

It quickly and effectively neutralizes 99.9% of all bacteria, without soap and water, and it contains a 75% concentration of Isopropyl Alcohol with glycerine, with a light, fresh scent.

With no rinsing required, it comes in three sizes – 100 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml – to suit your needs.

Approved by National Organization for Medicines - No. 49785/10-06-2020.