Specialists in matching medical and business innovation

Strive to innovate continuously in way we conduct our business, to set unsurpassed patterns of performance and to deliver value to our business partners and clients.

We are a commercial distributor of advanced health care technologies

We commercialize innovative technologies, which enable health care providers to manage health issues effectively and facilitate them to achieve remarkable impacts on people’s lives and their futures.

We are vibrant, ambitious, and constantly pursue business development and evolution

We realize our aspiration through establishing trusted partnerships with internationally renowned medical technology leaders and innovators. We rely on evidence and science, industry expertise, commercial abilities, innovative business thinking, and have an immense passion for high performance and progress.

We never compromise in front of adversities and always strive to undertake business exceptionally

We are passionate about providing inimitable business services based on operational excellence.  We possess deep global market experience and comprehension. We think big but we act locally with a sense of urgency. We have a successful business record but we also have an appetite for improving and becoming unsurpassed leaders in what we do.

We draw resources and experience by being a part of a diverse company group

We are a boutique and focused business unit, operating within a large and diverse company group, getting leverage from its robust operations, financial assets, modern infrastructure and talented people experienced in launching and establishing different products to the top.

We believe that serving the social good is deeply interconnected with attaining business success

We are proud to be in the life science business, always focusing in high quality health care and ultimately health. Our inner core activities are organized and focused on meeting the needs of health care providers and patients. We always strive to deliver incremental value and benefit from our endeavors. We deeply believe that this is the only way to be successful and sustainable.

Products, People, Passion

Our vision and values guide us, our expertise and merits enable us, and our commitment to patients fuels our culture and ambition.

Our mission of improving people’s lives
starts at the top

Our leading team is a  blend of entrepreneurs, life science business directors and academics. Having a vast track record in setting up successful businesses, launching and commercializing an array of consumer brands, medical devices, medical equipment, and biopharmaceutical products to the top.

Transforming lives with innovative technologies and service

We are immensely proud to be in the business of serving human life, wellbeing and prosperity.

Our Mission

With determination, integrity, teamwork, creativity, ambition, respect and excellence, we aspire to make available for health care providers and patients, advanced and transformative technological solutions, designed to improve the management of diseases and therefore to improve the lives and promote healthier and happier futures for patients and their beloved ones.

Our Vision

Our vision is to attain sustainable growth and become an unmatched leader in the way we conduct our business. We envision tobe eminent for our innovative therapies, transformational thinking, business effectiveness, scientific rigor, ethical behavior and trusted partnerships. Such will secure recognition and loyalty from health care providers, patients, payers and our business partners.

Values, direction, results

We aspire to create constantly value for our partners, clients, patients, providers and employees, through innovative approaches to business, operational excellence and committed people.

Behaviour at the foremost

Integrity, honesty, respect, dedication, ethics, trust, authenticity, teamwork, empathy;

We strongly believe that whilst health care is technology driven, still remains primarily a service industry and people are at the core from the demand as well as the supply side.

Hence, despite our focus on innovative technology, we cultivate and reward outstanding business behaviour towards peers, partners and system stakeholders (patients, providers, payers, decision makers, associations, media).

Exercising behaviour which embodies the highest ethical and cultural standards is at the top of our corporate agenda and inner core to our DNA. How we attain our business objectives is as important as attaining it.

There are no limits

Ambition, vision, creativity, thirst for achievement, entrepreneurial spirit, intelligent thinking, transformational mindset

We constantly challenge the status quo. We prefer to create pathways rather than follow footsteps.

We believe that technological innovation must be matched with unparallel business innovation. A company should always aspire to surpass existing frontiers and conventional business practices.

Impossible is not in our vocabulary and thinking. Barriers are made redundant if we stretch our minds to think beyond the obvious, and if we deeply feel we have the power to make things happen.

Attain excellence everywhere

Excel in operations, in financing, in market access, in sales & marketing, in clinical, governmental and business affairs

We are fanatically committed to operational excellence and effectiveness. It sets the grounds for business success, sustainability and growth.

We constantly pursue and embrace innovative ways of doing things in everything we do, at all levels, and all parts of the business, even in the most detailed ones.   

Regardless of results, we always aim higher and we demand the best from ourselves. Success does not make us complacent and we always question how things get done in order to improve them.

If there is an opportunity for improvement, we simply and instantly take action to realize it and convert it into results.

Create and share incremental value

Sustain through improving matters for all stakeholders in the health care ecosystem, including patients, providers, payers, business partners and employees

For patients, we aspire to make accessible the most advanced solutions available, and match them with efficient services, to deliver solutions that enable better futures for them, and make them healthier and happier.

For the medical community, providers and payers, we wish to deliver value-for-money innovations, enabling them to meet their obligations towards their patients and meet their business objectives and financial constraints.

For employees, we envision to create a secure work environment, where needs are respected, talents are recognized, achievements are rewarded, and deserved growth prospects are realized.

For our business partners, we aim to commercialize their products successfully and to contribute towards meeting their business objectives, to protect their reputation, and help them maximize the value of their brands.

Strategically focused on people, technology and excellence

We combine technological innovation with business excellence to deliver maximum value to health providers and their patients.

Our strategy is to continually expand our activities to new business fields, through strategic partnerships with best in class, innovative, game changing, emerging medical technology and biotechnology firms. By cross transferring our experience and competences from our diverse business units, we aim to optimize utilization of our capacities in order to serve more people and needs nationwide.

Focus on emerging innovative technology producers in across life science fields

Provide value-driven, patient-centric, provider-focused, intergraded solutions

Develop an unmatched pricing, market access and commercial capacity

Invest in outstanding and talented people as well as exceptional and visionary leadership

Pursue highest ethical and business standards, transparency and quality

Cultivate passion for business excellence, unmatched performance and results